Learning Disability Diagnosis & Solutions

What are Some of the Warning Signs for Learning Disabilities in Children?

Parents should be aware of the most frequent signals of learning disabilities. Does your child:

  • Have difficulty understanding and following instructions.
  • Have trouble remembering what someone just told him or her.
  • Fail to master reading, writing, and/or math skills, and thus fails schoolwork.
  • Have difficulty distinguishing right from left, for example, confusing 25 with 52, "b" with "d," or "on" with "no."
  • Lack coordination in walking, sports, or small activities such as holding a pencil or tying a shoelace.
  • Easily lose or misplace homework, schoolbooks, or other items.
  • Not understand the concept of time; is confused by "yesterday," "today," and "tomorrow."


Working With A Mental Health Professional

Such problems deserve a comprehensive evaluation by a learning disability expert who can assess all of the different issues affecting the child. A child and adolescent psychiatrist can help coordinate the evaluation and work with school professionals and others to evaluate and test your child to determine if a learning disability exists.

After talking with the child and family, reviewing the educational testing, and consulting with the school, the child and adolescent psychiatrist will make recommendations on appropriate school placement and the need for special help such as special educational therapy or speech-language therapy. We will also help parents assist their child in maximizing his or her learning potential.

Please call the Attention & Achievement Center at 866-881-8820 if you have more questions and to schedul an initial learning disability evaluation appointment.   We have two convenient locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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