Neurofeedback for Autism and Pervasive Development Disorder

Neurofeedback treatment for autism and PDD in children has proven to provide positive outcomes for the lives of man.

We are very excited to be able to provide the Neurofeedback approach to working with Autistic and PDD children.  We present here three articles on the effectiveness of using this approach with autistic children.


Efficacy of Neurofeedback in the Autistic Spectrum.


Neurofeedback Techniques for Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Review of 60 Cases - Principles and Outcome.


Positive Outcome with Neurofeedback Techniques in a Case of Mild Autism.


NOTE: Using EEG Biofeedback and Hypnotherapy techniques that are customized for each patient's individual needs, Mind Builders has produced significant improvements in the lives of patients with autism and autistic spectrum disorders, including PDD.


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