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Effective Diagnosis of ADD/ADHD & Learning Disorders

The first step in helping your child improve his or her academic performance is to uncover the root causes of the problem. The visible symptoms of the various attention deficit, learning, and behavior disorders that lead to poor grades can look the same, making it difficult to establish an effective solution. For example, a child that has an auditory perception issue can often become inattentive when receiving instructions at school, leading teachers and parents to wrongly conclude that the child has ADD or ADHD. This type of misdiagnosis can lead to a downward spiral of ineffective techniques and increasing frustration.

Why Cognitive Skills Assessment Is So Important

Cognitive skills are the basic tools that your child is born with that allow him or her to learn effectively at school. These skills include comprehension, auditory processing, use of speech, visual perception and construction, calculation ability, attention, memory, and executive functions such as planning, problem solving, and self-monitoring.

Cognitive skills assessment is important to evaluate the underlying skills and current capabilities of your child to learn

These are the underlying skills required for learning, and are different from the acquired academic skills that we learn in school. If a child has a deficit in any of these skills, their learning abilities will suffer.

Assessing Your Child's Cognitive Skills

A cognitive skills weakness is very specific, and may be different for each student. Your child might be weak in long-term memory, while another child might struggle with processing speed. In each case, though, students may seem to struggle in a similar way. For this reason, it's extremely important to measure your child's cognitive skills. Simple but accurate cognitive skills testing can reveal your child's strengths and weak­nesses, helping your child to learn more effectively, efficiently, and successfully.

Brain-Based Assessment is Key to Unlocking Accurate Diagnosis

To ensure individuals receive the most accurate diagnosis and most effective solutions possible, we use a complete battery of neuro-psychological and psycho-educational tests. They are each based on the very latest scientific research. Our tests are specialized and targeted for differential diagnosis for ADD/ ADHD, Asperger's Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorders, and Learning and Mood Disorders.

brain maps (QEEG) provide an insight to brain function We are the only organization in Northern California that has the exclusive privilege of having access to the same international, standardized database of normed neuro-psychological test batteries often used by pharmaceutical companies throughout the world in drug development and clinical trials. These tests are highly automated and computerized and are capable of measuring cognitive changes in milliseconds.

Just as an EKG reveals a heart condition, brain maps (QEEG) provide an insight to brain function. By comparing a person's brain activity with normative databases, a detailed and clinically accurate statistical compression can be obtained that identifies normal brain function and typical patterns of dysregulation associated with specific conditions, including seizures, head injuries, ADHD, non-verbal learning disorders, mood disorders, and depression.

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