The information presented here is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the expert and professional advice of your physician, psychologist, or therapist. Always seek help from qualified professionals in the field of your interest. Do not discontinue any medication without the advice of your doctor.

We offer a varity of services at our Centers. These include neurological services provided by contracted licensed physicians, psychological assessments and counseling provided by licensed clinical psychologists.

Other services such as EEG Neurofeedback, Auditory Integration Training, Sensory Integration Training, and Cognitive Rehabilitation Training are considered alternative and complementary to medical services. While Ali Hashemian and other providers of complementary and alternative services hold private certification from independent credentialing bodies, such services are not regulated by the government and no licensing is offered. As such, providers of alternative or complementary services, including Ali Hashemian, are not, and are not required to be, physicians, surgeons, psychologists, or mental health providers and are not licensed by the State of California as healing arts practitioners.

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